CBSE Class 12 : Python

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CBSE Class 12 : Functions


User defined functions


Recursion Examples

CBSE Class 12: Inbuilt Functions

String Inbuilt Functions
Math Inbuilt Functions
Date and Time Inbuilt Functions
Random Module

CBSE Class 12 : Data File Handling

Data File Handling

Character by Character reading
Word by word reading
Line by line reading

CBSE Class 12 : Data Structures

Introduction to Data Structures
Stacks and its Applications
Implementation of Stacks
Queue and its Applications
Implementation of Queue

CBSE Class 12 : Interface Python With SQL

Class 12 Interface Python With SQL

Example : 1 Student Record management

Example :2 Bank Record Management

CBSE Class 12 : Web Development With Django

Introduction To Django

Example 1: To Test Django

Example 2: To Display Welcome Message

Example 3: To Display Data in Table Format

CBSE Class : Communication And Network Concepts

Full Forms

Computer Networks

Wired and Wireless Networks

New Technologies

Network Devices

Network Stack

IP Address

Transmission Control Protocol

Basic Network Tools and Applications

Switching techniques


Network topologies

Society Law and Ethics

Society Law and Ethics

Digital Property Rights



Cyber Forensics

Technology And Society

Gender and Disability issues


CBSE Class 12 : Sample Papers

Class 12 Python Sample Paper 1
Class 12 Python Sample Paper 1 (Solution)
Class 12 Python Sample Paper 2
Class 12 Python Sample Paper 2 (Solution)

CBSE Class 12 : Practical File

Practical File Programs

CBSE Class 12 :  Python Project

Student management System

Student Management System 2

Banking System

MarkSheet Management System

Stock Management System

Telephone Directory

Digital Directory

Class 12 Society, Law and Ethics Gender and Disability Issues

Gender and Disability issues while Teaching and Using Computers

Gender issues

It has been commonly observed that girls are under represented in Computer Science Studies be it computer science major subject at high school or at college level. There are far less girls than boys in computer science section.

The factors behind this are

Preconceived notions

Notions like boys are better at technical things, girls are good at humanities, arts etc.; girls must take up a career keeping in mind that they have to raise a family; Teaching is the best option for girls as it gives you half day off and ample number of holidays so that you can take care of your family; have their impact on decision making of girls while taking up subjects. Also parents play a major role while deciding the subjects.

Lack of interest

During primitive years children often play games on the computers and smart phones. Most of the games are boys centric that increase the interest of boys in computers.

Lack of motivation

Girls are pressurized to choose a career option which will give them work life balance because they have to play an important family role in future. This theory discourages girls from taking up technical subjects like computer science.

Lack of role models

Girls these days see less role models in the field of computer science. In every field such as movies, advertisements, scientists etc we see more men than women. All these things influence girls sub-psychology and they infer that computer science is for boys and not to take that subject.

Lack of encouragement in class

As there are lesser number of girls in a class , the teachers for most work – assignments end choosing more boys. Also some teachers pin point on their roles in the society. All this may play as hindrance and girls do not develop interest in Computer Science.

Disability Issues

Various disability issues faced in the teaching/learning computers with regard to the disability are

Unavailability of teaching material / aids

Students with different disabilities need different types of teaching aids/ material. For instance visually challenged students would want that there screen readers that could read the digital content to them, hearing impaired students would want lore of viual input than oratory, low vision students may need Braille keyboards, braille monitors and printers along with screen readers for working on computers. Unavailability of such supportive programming aids and software are a big issue that must be handled by the school and the management.

Lack of special needs teachers

For different types of special needs, students require special needs teachers. For example : a hearing impaired student needs a teacher who is able to converse in sign language and would be able to convey and explain study material. There should be teachers who know what type of hardware and software tool can be used for the differently able students as per their specific needs. For example braille keyboards, monitors and printers, synthetic speech generators etc, software assistants like Google assistant, Microsoft Narrator and Cortana, specialized editors for visually impaired students for typing programs etc.

Lack of supporting curriculum

Curriculum should be designed while keeping focus on inclusive education. Sofwares and programs should be so used so that disabled students can easily work on that. For example office software based curriculum can be easily implemented as it provides accessibility features and all types of students an easily work on it.

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