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In this section we have

C Language Projects

Paint Brush Project 
  • This project helps us to draw using mouse
  • As mouse moves its coordinates are also displayed.
Paint Brush Project Modified
  • This is the modified version of above pain program
  • In this we can also select the color of painting
Tic Tac Toe
  • In this games we have to first enter name of the players.
  • each player gets a symbol “0” or “x” to place in 9 positions
  • the player who places three symbols in straight line or diagonal wins the game
Snake Game
  • In this game we have to use arrow keys to move the snakeA number is displayed on the screen
  • We have to move the snake and eat the number
  • As we eat the number length of snake increases
  • On touching the border we are caught by snake and game gets completed.
Shuffle Game
  • In this game we have to arrange the numbers in increasing order.
  • We can move the numbers by pressing / typing the number.
  • The  finishes when the numbers are arranged in increasing order.

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