C Language Programs

Simple C Programs

This section covers simple C language programs. All the example program includes the description of the program, C code as well as output of the program. 

List of programs

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If Condition Programs

This section covers programs based on if condition. Here we have program realetd to all the syntaxes used for if condition. For all the program we have given proper description, code and output that we get on execution of the program.

List of programs are :

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Loop Based Programs (Programs related to for loop, while loop, do while loop)

C program to check the number is a prime number or not.
C program to print sum of the digits of the number
C program to print the reverse of a number.
C program to check number is palindrome or not.

More loop-based programs

Pattern Programing

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Conversion Programs

C Program to convert decimal to Binary
C Program to convert binary to decimal
C Program to convert decimal to Octal
C Program to convert Octal to decimal
C Program to convert decimal to hexadecimal
C Program to convert hexadecimal to decimal

More Conversion Programs

Arrays based programs

Single dimension numeric array
double dimesion numberic array
single dimension character array
double dimension character array

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C Language Simple Programs
C Language If Condition and Switch Statement Programs
C Language Loop Programs
C Language Conversion Programs
C Language Pattern Programs
C Language Single Dimension Numeric Array programs
C Language Double Dimension Numeric Array Programs
C Language Single Dimension Character Array programs
C Language Pointer Programs
C Language File Handling Programs

C Language Programming Tutorial

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