C Program to calculate and print the product of three numbers

Problem In Hand

C Program to take input for three numbers calculate and print their product

Process and Solution Of Problem

  • Take input for three numbers and store them in three different variables
  • calculate and store product of the number in a fourth variable
  • further display the result

Program/Source Code

int main()
     int a,b,c,d;
     printf("Enter 1st no ");
     printf("Enter 2nd no ");
     printf("Enter 3rd no ");
     printf("Product = %d",d);
     return 0;

Program Explanation

On execution of the program

* user enteres the first number and it is stored in a variable “a”
* user enteres the second number and it is stored in a variable “b”
* user enteres the third number and it is stored in a variable “c”
* further calculation is performed and product of values stored in “a” ,”b” and “c” are stored in a variable “d” i.e. c=a*b*c;
* then the result is displayed on the screen


Enter 1st no 2
 Enter 2nd no 3
 Enter 3rd no 5
 Product = 30

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