CBSE Class 12: Python

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Review Of Python Basics

Python Revision I

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Python Revision II

Python Functions

Python Function Recursion

Python Scope Of Variable

Python Inbuilt Library Functions and Modules

Using Python Libraries

After getting knowledge of functions we will learn about using libraries. We will see what are Modules in Python and how to use them in our programs. We will also learn what are packages in Python and their use in python programming.

File Handling in Python

This is a very important topic of python, file handling helps us to store the data in storage media. Here we will learn how to create a file, write data to a file, read data from the file, and much more.

Data Structures In Python



Interface Python With SQL

Web Development With Django

Computer Networks

CBSE Class : Communication And Network Concepts
Full Forms
Computer Networks
Wired and Wireless Networks
New Technologies
Network Devices
Network Stack
IP Address
Transmission Control Protocol
Basic Network Tools and Applications
Switching techniques
Network topologies

Computer Networks


Society Law and Ethics
Society Law and Ethics
Digital Property Rights
Cyber Forensics
Technology And Society
Gender and Disability issues

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