C Programming Tutorial

Introduction To C Programming
Here we will discuss the basics of C programmings like Introduction to C programming, Important features, Basic structure of a C program, Different data types used in programming, very important: First program with details of each line and basic programs.


Here we will discuss the fundamentals of programming, different tokens used, identifiers, keywords, literals, separators, and operators.

Control Flow Statements
Here we will discuss control flow statements like if condition, examples of if condition with numeric values, and characters values. goto and label name, switch statements, and number of examples of each topic.

Looping Statements
Here we will discuss looping statements in C language. We will cover for loop, while loop, do-while loop, nested loop, break and continue statements.

Functions And Inbuilt Functions

Here we will discuss Functions, which makes the program modular in nature, we will cover all Categories: No Pass No return, No Pass And Return, Pass And Return, No Pass And Return. Recursion.
We will cover Inbuilt Functions (Single character functions, String functions, Math functions, Date, And Time functions).


Storage Class In C
Here we will discuss Storage classes, Automatic Storage class, Register Storage Class, Static Storage Class, Extern Storage Class, Global, and Local Variables, Campus, and Technical questions.

Preprocessors In C
Here we will discuss Preprocessors, Macro definition, Marcos with arguments, Conditional compilation, File inclusion (how to create our own header file and use in the program)

Here we will discuss a very important topic “Arrays”. We will cover Single Dimension Numeric Array, Double Dimension Numeric Array, Single Dimension Character Array, Double Dimension Character Array. Searching and Sorting.

Pointers In C

This is one of the most important topics of C language. Here we will learn: What are Pointers in C language?, how to use pointers in programs, Pointer and functions, pointers and numeric array, pointers and character array, call by value, call by reference, Dynamic Memory Allocation (malloc(), calloc(), Free(), realloc() ) and much more…

Structures and Unions

Here we will discuss Structure, basic programming with structures, Arrays with Structures, Functions with Structures, Structures with Structures i.e. nested Structures, Structures and pointers. Union, Difference between Structures and Unions.

File Handling