Python Inbuilt Library Function and Modules

Inbuilt String Library Functions

Here we will see details of library funcion which operate on string like isalpha(), islower(), isupper(), isdigit(), isspace(), istitle(), lower(), upper(), title(), swapcase(), join(), capitalize(), casefold(), center(), count(), find() and many more.

Inbuilt Math Library Functions

In python number of mathematical operations can be performed with ease by importing a module named “math” which defines various functions which makes our tasks easier. 

Here we will details of functions like ceil(), floor(), fabs(), factorial(), pow(), sqrt(), pi, e, and many more.


Inbuilt Data and Time Library Functions

Python supports yyyy-mm-dd format of displaying the date. The datetime module in python handles the extraction and formatting of date and time variables. calendar date values are represented and assoicated with date class.

Here we will see details of functions like today(), year(), month(), day(), now(), hour(), minute(), second(), etc.


Inbuilt Random Library Functions

Python defines a set of functions that are used to generate or manipulate random numbers. This particular type of functions are used in a lot of computer games involving throwing of dice, picking a number or flipping a coin, shuffling deck of playing cards etc., lotteries, Recaptcha(login forms) or any application requiring random number generation.

Here we will see details of functions like random.random(), random.randint(), random.randrange(), random.choice(), random.shuffle(), Random.uniform() and more.