CBSE Class 11: Computer System Organization 1

Introduction to Computer Systems and Organization

In today’s life computers plays a vital role in our day-to-day life. We are surrounded by computers nowadays. Most of our daily work is directly or indirectly connected with computer systems. Let’s discuss what is a computer system?


The computer systems and organization is a set of following components:

Hardware: Hardware is the tangible parts of computer systems such as Keyboard, Mouse, Hard Disk, Motherboard, etc.

Software: Software is the programs stored in computers those help to do user’s work and provides an interface to the user such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe reader, etc.


Functions of Computer Systems

There are four main functions of the computer system:

1. Input: The process of data feeding by the user (Data means raw facts and figures)

2. Process: The actual work done in computers

3. Output: The result of user’s task (It can be: On-screen (Soft Copy), On Paper (Hard Copy) or On Air)

4. Storage: The process of saving data


Insights of Computer Systems and Organization

The computer system is just like an organization with different units. All units have their own functional parts or units to do a specific task. Look at the following diagram: