CBSE Class 11: Computer System Organization 5

Software Concepts

As discussed earlier software is a program written in the programming language that allows doing specific tasks in computer. It is abbreviated as SW or S/W often. User needs to install them before use. There are two types of software:

1. System Software
2. Application Software


System Software

In Computer Systems and Organization, software plays vital role n operations. A computer is just like a rectangular box of hardware without software. The system software is responsible to perform some internal tasks of a computer system. There are two types of system software

Operating System

The primary function of the Operating System is to provide a platform to user and make the computer usable. It allows to make the hardware run competently. The tasks of the operating system are device management, process management, user management etc. There are different types of OS such as Single User OS, Multi-User OS, Time-sharing OS, Real-time OS, Multi-tasking OS, Distributed OS etc.

Language Processor

It is a translator that translates a high-level language program to machine level language. There are three types of language processors such as Assembler, Compiler and Interpreter.


Application Software

Application software carries out the important functions for Computer Systems and Organization with the help of programs. It provides special services or a specific task. This software is written by programmers to serve users as per their requirement. It is subdivided into categories such as Packages, Utilities, Customized Software, and Developer Tools.


The Packages are a special set of software that serves general-purpose Ex. MS Office, Adobe, DTP Software, Macromedia tools etc.


Utilities are helpful programs like basic editing, calculation, cleaning, rearranging, scanning files etc. Ex. Text Editor, Calc, Backup, Compression, Defragmenter etc.

Tailor-made software

Customized Software refers to tailor-made software that provides functions as per the requirement of people such as ERP software, Payroll Software, Hotel Management, Reservation System etc.

Developer Tools/IDE Tools

Developer tools are designed for the software developer to write code and compile, debugging, testing software Ex. Netbeans, Anaconda etc.