C++ File Handling

File handling is the process of storing the data permanently which gets generated during the execution of the program. The data once stored can be displayed later as per user requirement, the stored data can be modified and if the stored data is no longer required then it can be permanently deleted from the database.

In this topic, we will cover details related to

  • What is file handling
  • What are streams
    • Input Stream
    • Output Stream
  • Different types of files
    • Text Files 
    • Binary File
  • Operations on files
    • Opening a file
    • data manipulation in file
    • closing a file

Different mode of file opening

  • Error Handling During File I/O
    • fail()
    • eof()
    • good()
    • bad()
  • Data manipulations
    • get()
    • put()
    • getline()
    • write()
  • data handling
    • Reading data read() function
    • writing data write() function
  • File Pointers and Random Access
    • seekg()
    • tellg()
    • seekp()
    • tellp()