Class 12 Questions : Networking Set 1

Two devices are in network if

(a) a process in one device is able to exchangeinformation wiht a process in another device
(b) a process is running on both devices.
(c) the processes running of different devices are of same type.
(d) none of the mentioned.


Central computer which is powerful than other computers in the network is called as …….

(a) CLient
(b) Server
(c) Hub
(d) Switch


Which transmission media is capable of having a much higher bandwidth(data capacity)?

(a) Coaxial
(b) Twisted pair cable
(c) untwisted cable
(d) Fibre optic


Which of these components is internal to a computer and is required to connect the computer to a network?

(a) Wireless access point
(b) Network interface card
(c) Switch
(d) Hub


A device that forwards data packets from one network to another network is called a

(a) Bridge
(b) Router
(c) Hub
(d) Gateway