Class 12: SQL Question Set 1

A_____ is a property of the entire relation, which ensures through its value that each tuple is unique in a relation.

a) Rows
b) Field
c) Attribute
d) Key


which of the following attributes can be considered as a choice for priamry key?

a) Name
b) Street
c) Rollno

d) Subject


An attribute in a relation is a foreign key if it is the ______ key in any other relation.

a) candidate
b) primary
c) alternate
d) super


The operation whose result contains all the pairs of tuples from the two relations regardless of whether their attribute values match.

a) join
b) Cartesian product
c) Intersection
d) Set deifference


What is the fullform of SQL?

a) Structured Query Langauge
b) Structured Query List
c) Simple Query Language
d) None of these