C++ Programming | Functions 1

Functions In C++

A function is a group/block of statements written to perform a specific task.


• Function helps us to make the program modular in nature.
• Function helps us to divide a large program into a number of smaller programs/modules.
• Different tasks of the large program can be performed by small programs/modules/functions.
• It is easy to debug the program when functions are used.
• Reusability of code. Code once written can be reused again and again. Thus saving a lot of time and space.

Important Points

• The function which calls another function is called the “calling function”.
• The function which is called is known as the “called function”.
• A function can call another function(any number of functions) from within itself.
• The process when a function calls itself is called recursion.

Classification of functions

Inbuilt functions:

Inbuilt functions are the functions which are already present in the system. We don’t have to write programs related to them, we have to just use them.
Character functions
String functions
Math functions
Date functions
Time functions

User-defined functions:

UDF’s are the functions made by the programmer as per requirement. i.e. to perform a specific task.

Call By value:
In call by value, we deal with actual values.
Call By reference:
In call by reference, we deal with address i.e. pointers.