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Class 12 : Python

Python Basics
Data Types
Flow of Execution
Mutable and Immutable Types
Type Casting

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_____ are stored as individual characters in contiguous locations, with two-way index for each location.

a. lists
b. tuples
c. strings
d. dictionaries


What is the output of – “5” + “5” ?

a. 25
b. 55
c. 10
d. error


If n=”Hello” and user wants to assign n[0]=’F’ what will be the result?

a. It will replace the first character
b. It’s not allowed in Python to assign a value to individual character using index
c. It will replace the entire word Hello into F
d. It will remove H and keep rest of the characters


Which of the following operator can be used as replication operator?

a. +
b. *
c. **
d. /


Which point can be considered as difference between string and list?

a. Length
b. Indexing and Slicing
c. Mutability
d. Accessing individual elements