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CBSE Class 12 : Data Structures

Introduction to Data Structures

CBSE Class 12 : Searching

Creation And Traversal
What is Searching?
Linear/Sequential Search
Binary Search
Insertion Of Element
Deletion Of Element

CBSE Class 12 : Sorting

What is sorting?
Bubble Sort
Selection Sort
Insertion Sort

CBSE Class 12 : Stacks

Applications of Stacks
Implementation of Stacks

CBSE Class 12 : Queues

Applications Of Queues
Implementation of Queues

Class 12: Data Structures Searching 2

Sequential Search /Linear Search

The simplest search technique is the sequential search. In this technique we start at the beginning of the list / array / table / file and search for the desired element by matching the value with each record being traversed, the process is continued till either the desired record is found or list is completely traversed.
This technique is suitable for a table which is arranged in the form of an array or linked list. This search may be improved if the list is ordered / sorted.

Advantages and disadvantages of Linear search


* The linear search is simple
* It is very easy to understand and implement
* It does not require the data in the array to be sorted in any particular order.
* It is memory efficient.


* The linear search in inefficient.
* It is slower
* It needs more space and time complexity.