Class 12 Questions : Networking Set 2 5

In which type of switching technique entire message is broken into small pieces which are transmitted over a network.

a) Packet
b) Circuit
c) Message
d) None


Which is not the measuring unit for data transfer rate?

a) Kbps
b) Gbps
c) Sbps
d) Mbps


What is the full form of Mbps?

a) Mega bits per second
b) Mega bytes per second
c) Mega baud per second
d) Mega bandwidth per second


The amount of data that can be transferred from one point to another within a network in a specific amount of time is called

a) data transfer rate
b) bandwidth
c) data capacity
d) none


In this medium signal are radiated through the air.

a) Guided medium
b) Unguided medium
c) Cables
d) none