Cpp Inheritance MCQs

When the inheritance is private, the private methods in base class are __________ in the derived class (in C++).

A. Inaccessible
B. Accessible
C. Protected
D. Public

Accessing functions from multiple classes to a derived class is known as

A. multiple inheritance
B. single inheritance
C. Hybrid inheritance
D. multilevel inheritance

What is meant by multiple inheritance?

A. Deriving a base class from derived class
B. Deriving a derived class from base class
C. Deriving a derived class from more than one base class
D. None of the mentioned

What will be the order of execution of base class constructors in the following method of inheritance.class a: public b, public c {…};

A. b(); c(); a();
B. c(); b(); a();
C. a(); b(); c();
D. b(); a(); c();

Inheritance allows in C++ Program?

A. Class Re-usability
B. Creating a hierarchy of classes
C. Extendibility
D. All of the above